Whats the best cooler for my cpu

i am getting a i7 2600k cpu need a good cooler for it was thinking maybe the cm hyper 212 plus evo or the noctua nh-d14
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  1. Everyone loves the CM hyper 212+ and the evo, which are both good choices. I really like the sealed water cooling options: corsair H series or the Antec Kuhler series.
  2. With me I'm the opposite and am not a fan of water cooling (personal preference, to each their own) and I like air cooling setups. Here is a link to what I send people when their looking for air cooled heatsinks. It's a quick comparison of various heatsinks, and overall a good site.

  3. Hyper 212+ and D14 are good coolers. The thermaltake frio is in the middle in terms of price and performance. I also wouldn't go water cooling because it's pricey unless it's custom water cooling
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