Does Ultra x4 1050w PSU have enough Amps to run 3 x 5870's?

I love Ultra's modular design.

Has 76 amps on a single 12v, to me that's a ton. But I don't know what the bare minimum should be for triple crossfire.

Thanks for the help. :)
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  1. yes . dual 5870 needs 650w , so you have enough amps on 1050w . and yes , ultra's modular design is convenient .
  2. I'd rather go with triple 5850 if i wanna go that hardcore cauz 3 5870s is a little overkill.
  3. rescawen said:
    I'd rather go with triple 5850 if i wanna go that hardcore cauz 3 5870s is a little overkill.

    +1 for a cool suggestion , if you havent bought any card yet .
  4. Nothing is ever "overkill", OP will just be ahead of the game when the next crysis-like title comes out that needs the power of all 3 to be maxed out.

    OT: It should be enough.
  5. Just make sure current games are really utilizing all 3 cards. If it is only a ~%25 performance boost, it seems hard to justify buying a third card at present prices. However, I don't know what kind of boost you could see. You can always add one later when the prices drop. If I were you, I would get two now and pop a third one in a year.
  6. 5870 has some scaling issues even in dual configuration. With triple 5870s, you probably won't notice any improvement whatsoever due to very early drivers.

    And a single 5870 can basically max out any game except Crysis. Two 5870s can max out Crysis at any setting w/ AA at max. There is no point for 3x 5870s right now.
  7. Thanks guys for the help. I don't have the third card yet. Wasn't planning on buying one anytime soon. Just wanted my new PSU to be able to power a third one if I wanted to get one later. Like to order parts that are future proof and not kill my wallet. :)
  8. I am putting together my beast right now, and I went with the Ultra X4 1200, according to the ati site, it can run 2 5970 and 3 of the rest. I figured hell
    for thirty bucks I could go from the 1050 to 1200 that can run more, if my computer is going to last long and stay updated you should have plans for the
    future, cause of course you have lifetime warranty(if registered), and I have read forums and several people who had X3's that went out, and Ultra sent them
    a new X4 according to the X3's wattage.
    Anyways its good to be prepared, I think the 1600 is overkill, lol.
  9. I'm running 3 5870s, I'll tell you the only real benefit I see going from 2 to 3 cards is higher MIN fps. But like others said, the only game that you can't max out everything is Crysis, and even with 3 cards you won't max crysis out (2560 w 8xAA)
  10. Damn thats a sweet setup, well its good to have the power you never know in a year you might need to use three cards, you know how things can get outdated real quick(i.e. Nvidia GTX 200's).
  11. Yes, things do get outdated real quick, it's almost sick sometimes. But thats really more of a reason to look at what you need and want, and what's a waste.

    I game at 256*1600 and 5760*1200 in eyfinity, so the extra power helps at those resolutions with AA enabled, you really just have to analize your situation and where you're gaming at to what's your best product. (like I got the Phenom II instead of the I7 920 b/c @ 2560, they are equal, and actually the PII pulls ahead in a lot of tests, but gets owned by the i7 at lower resolutions)

    But at the same time, not only do things get faster, but the technology changes too. Meaning that in 3 or 5 years, they might be using different technology to achieve the results (I.e. DX9 vs DX11 Vs DX3) Remember Money saved now is really future spending.

    For PSUs though, I have a 1200W PC Power and Cooling. I love it. Rock Solid.
  12. I planed on getting the Ultra X4 1200 watt, because ATI recommends it for multi Gpu's, but I wrote that on another forum and
    they thought I was crazy for wanting so much wattage but hey I just read off the manufactures website so what I am suppose to do
    just believe someone that a 600 or 700 watt PSU with god knows how much amperage, is going to power my rig with 2-3 cards.
    I will go with the man. website, I like to get new knowledge but when it sounds a little funkey I don't know what to believe from them.
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