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Using a zappo LAN & WiFi router (not connected to the internet) I have a PC connected via wited LAN that hosts a web server. I want to access it with a lap top connected via wifi. It cannot. It can if connected via wired LAN. Same results if I look at MrNetwork, if the laptop connected via wifi, it cannot be seen. How do I get wifi connected laptop to be able to access other PCs on the LAN?
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  1. Is the laptop’s wireless not working at all (i.e., not even connected to the wireless AP), or is it working (i.e., connected successfully to the AP, so you can do others things, like PING the machine running the webserver from the laptop) and this is just an isolated problem regarding only the webserver? I assume it’s more likely the former, but we can avoid a lot of wasted effort if you can clarify.
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