GA-X58A-UD5 pcie x16 slot1 problem

I have 2 Nvidia Quadro NVS 420's on my GA-X58A-UD5 mobo attached to pcie x16 slot 1 and slot 2. I can only get 3 monitors enabled at once on whichever card i put in slot 1. No matter which i card i put in slot1, the second i enable monitor 4 , monitor 3 disables itself. Ive switched them both twice now and keep having same issue. I originally thought it was one the graphics cards but im starting to think its a mobo issue. Anyone have any ideas??
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  1. have you tried running one card at a time, and trying that in each slot? See if you can pin it down to the slot or the card.
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  3. bilbat said:

    Thank you. The procedure mentioned in the post worked.
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