Format HDD complicated issue

hi to all. My problem seems to be very complicated:

I recently bought a 1 tera seagate HDD. so i mounted it next to my old 500 gigs Seagate HDD. I made a win 7 64 install like this:

I formated the HDD:

500 gigs: one 64 gigs partition for system drive (C) and the rest a partition for personal use (D)
1 tera: single partition for storage (E).

I had aound 50 gigs of data stored on E.

now one day I start the pc and my E needs formating. EASEUS data recovery can only recover around 30 mega of data.

what is to be done?

I read somewhere that I should format the HDD and then try to recover the data with EASEUS. will this work? any other solutions? what actually happend here?

please help me!!!

thank you
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  1. P.S. when I mounted the HDD I did a mess with the cables but things were ok. yesterday I went to the service to mount my resuscitated 8800gt card and the man in the service reconected everything to make a little order in my case. after that the problem accured (but i can`t really be sure this is the case, as the pc didn`t run for a couple of weeks, my video was broken)
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