Kingston hyperx SSD on P55A-UD3

Hey All,

Just wondering if there was anything special that I may have missed while installing my SSD? I have seen some benchmarks of the kingston hyperx like this one below.

Mine doesn't even come close to that my same benchmark is below along with some other tests.

Any help would be appreciated. I do have AHCI enabled on the motherboard and I also have the SSD plugged into the sata3 port on the motherboard.
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  1. The 2 SATA 3 (6Gb/s) ports on your motherboard use the Marvell 9128 controller chip.

    The Marvell 9128 uses 1 PCIe lane and is slower than a native Intel SATA3 port.
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    The only thing see is you are 1) running off the stock MSAHCI driver and 2) your board utilizes the Marvell controller for SATA III. Those benchmarks are done using the Intel RST SATA III board. The Marvell controllers are known to not perform over 400 MB/s, so you are inline with those speeds...

    Basically, you are about as good as you are going to get without switching motherboards with a native Intel SATA III controller.
  3. Thanks for the reply....

    Is there anything that you know that I can disable in the bios that would improve the performance? If not I guess I will have to purchase a better motherboard?
  4. Just saw tecmo's response.

    Thanks guys.
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  6. You need a H67, P67, Z68 chipset motherboard. Unfortunately that means you have to buy a new cpu as well.
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