Can I Just Put a PC Fan into my PSU and not my MoBo

So i have this Dell e510 and.... I got two 80mm fans for free (yay lol). The problem is: there are no more slots for fans... So right now i just have them plugged into the PSU and so they are running as fast as they can.

Is this bad? Will i burn out my fans? (Im building a computer in a few months so it wont be long untill i can get pull them out)

Also my fans are positioned so there is a box of fans (PSU, standard DEll 120mm, 80mm, and the GPU fan-XFX 9600 GT 512mb of vRAM). Both the fans are attached to the rear grill so they could pull the hot air out of my stupid case. But i was careless and am now lazy: I put one in way and the other in another way... And now i dont want to fix it. Will i still be able to cool every thing right?

Thank you ahead! :hello:
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  1. Connecting them to the psu is fine.
    If I'm reading that right , you have one as an exhaust and one as an intake, that's not good, both should be installed as exhausts.
  2. Lol ill fix it when i turn my computer off... Thank-you for your quick reply!
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