Sound/motherboard issues

Hi all,

Had an annoying sound quality during intense 3d rendering and wondered if someone had a solution to my problem.

Here are my specs:

Xfx 750i sli motherboard

Ultra 500 Watt power supply

with a E5400 Dual Core 2.7 gh processor (system temp=22-28)

I have 2 sli xfx 9800gt Gpu

Because of this my system runs 6.00GB of ram and (2.00 Usable)

Here is the problem; I changed some of the settings in the Nvidia Control panel-i changed an option that said cut out background and interference noise. Whenever i run call of duty 4/ or napoleon total war, The sound is bad in some of the most intense part. Its kind of a noisy, scratchy, dragging sound and it annoys the crap out of me.

Ive updated the Sound Driver, changed speakers, and this even happens in my headphones while i play-

I dont know if it is a power issue, whether i need to buy a sound card-cause i only have to dinky logitec desktop speakers.

But i would appreciate any advice about my crappy sound quality.

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  1. Its possible that it may be motherboard related, however the first thing that jumped out at me was two 9800GT's on a 500Watt Ultra.

    I wouldn't run those cards together with less than 600Watts, but it would depend on the amps available on the 12V rail(s). Ultra is typically not a highly recommended manufacturer, but it depends on the series as I understand that some are of higher quality(X3 vs X2 or X1 maybe?)

    You can check this fairly easily by removing one of the video cards and see how the sound is. Also it may be possible that another driver is causing distortion/interference. Check to make sure you have the latest drivers for all of your hardware.

    If none of these things help, then a sound card purchase is not too much investment.
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