Kingwin Blue KT-436 B-WM Case Micro ATX?

Ok so im building a computer and I have a friend that will be willing to give me the Kingwin Blue KT-436 B-WM case. The problem... The Mobo im wanting is a Micro ATX and this is a full sized case (Ive checked everywhere and cant find any information).

Will my current mobo i want work in this case or will i have to trade off mobos?

(And What the heck is the difference between Micro and Full Sized ATX cases? Is it just size?)
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  1. It's an older (but appears to be a high-quality built) case, and like you, there's not much data, but I found a picture here (lower part of the page) of the motherboard tray. It looks like stand-off holes are compatible with micro-atx. If you get the case and stand-off hole pattern does not match your mobo mounting hole pattern, it would be pretty easy to drill new ones using your mobo as the template.
  2. I have a micro atx mobo working in this case, I'm using an asus m2a-vm hdmi in it.
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