Overclocking my new 6870

Hey, I just got a XFX dual fan 1gb 6870 and I am only able to push the OC to about 965mhz Core and 1230mhz Memory, I like where my memory clock is but I would like to push my core higher since at full load I am at 61 C, but the only problem is I cant increase my voltage. I am using MSI Afterburner and I have done everything I can to unlock voltage control and it wont let me, I really would like to see this cards potential.
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  1. I have mine a 980/1185 with Stock voltage and I usually have %35 fan so I peak at around 82c in really demanding games.

    Anything further for me requires voltage bump.

    I have a XFX HD 6870 Black edition (Stock External Exhaust cooler, Pre OC'd to 940/1150)
  2. My stock is 900/1050, but if i push mine any higher I get the whole "graphics card has stopped working and recovered" error and it's a shame because my temps are so low.

    Why don't you increase your fan speed though Yummerzz? I have my fan at 100% at 70c, my fan is super quite and the noise level doesn't really change between 50%-100%
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