I Dropped My Iomega 1tb External

I carelessly lifted my laptop and pulled a connected Iomega external hard drive off a chair, landing on a solid wooden floor.
The drive has its own power supply, and a USB cable. When both are connected, the blue light comes on, but the drive does not show up in "my computer"
Additionally, there is no noise coming from it at all.
Any ideas please?
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  1. Was the drive on when it was dropped ? You may have damaged the arm that reads the disk if it is a conventional drive . Is there a reset button?
  2. Thanks Inzone,
    Yes it was. No reset button that I can see, the model is a Select Desktop Hard Drive
  3. Sorry to say but there might not be much you can do aside from taking the thing apart.
  4. If I was to take it apart, what would I be looking at doing exactly?
  5. There are three possible outcomes:

    1) The external drive circuitry is damaged
    2) The internal hard disk is damaged
    3) Both the external circuitry as well as the disk is damaged.

    Disassemble the unit and take the hard disk out. Connect the hard disk to another external enclosure and try to run it. OR - Connect the hard disk as an internal disk in a computer and try to run it.

    If all of the above fail and the data is valuable, take the disk to a data recovery service. Expensive!

    Frequent backups of all HDDs are highly recommended!
  6. Thanks Ubrales. Appreciated .
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