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I am running a single Xeon X5570 on a dual socket ASUS Z8PE-D18 board. The board supports 9 DDR3 slots for each socket.
All 9 DDR3 slots are occupied (9x4gb = 36gb) on the socket that the CPU is on.

My database is growing faster than I thought and I need more memory, but not more cpu power. Does anyone know if it is possible to add DDR3 memory modules on the slots of the empty CPU socket?

I could not find that information anywhere on the manual. I could open the case and move 3 of the current memory modules to the empty socket's memory slots and figure things out, but before doing that I was wondering if anyone had any similar experience.

I hope I will not have to buy a second processor just so that I will add more memory, but that is preferable to buying 8gb modules to replace the existing 4gb ones.
Best case... if possible, add new 4gb modules on the empty cpu socket and they are recognized without performance penalties. :-)

Thanks in advance for sharing any similar experience and suggestions.
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  1. I don't know, but I wouldn't think so because the Xeon X5570 can control up to 144GB of memory, but only in the slots it is allocated... I could be wrong though. Try moving three sticks of the RAM to the other slots, and see if it works? Could damage the computer, but really, I wouldn't know.
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