How to transfer software from old dead xp computer to new win 7 computer

I am Professional photograher and i have so many software install on my old computer runing win xp but that computer has crashed. So i have new computer now with win 7 64 bit. So how i can transfer my software and all photos to new computer becuase i dont have software disks. Any info would be helpful.

Thanks in Advance
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  1. what kind of computers are we talking about? laptop or desktop?

    you cannot transfer software.

    what kind of software?
  2. Yo will most likely have to reinstall all your software. Hopefully none of them are 16 bit programs or use 16 bit installers as 16 bit programs do not run in windows 64 bit.

    If the hard drive is still good (don't know what caused your old system to crash) then you can just install it in the new system as a secondary drive and copy all the pictures off of it. If this is a laptop, you will need to put your old drive in an external enclosure, then copy the pictures off of it.
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