New to PC computing, need help picking a PSU

Hi everyone, I just got a new PC for Christmas. I have had Macs in my house since I can remember and this is my first PC. I need a new power supply to go with the video card I plan on buying. First off, I am not sure how much power my video card requires. Here is the card I am going to buy:

Here is the exact computer I received for Christmas

I was thinking about one of these three power supplies, but am open for more suggestions. I would like to spend around 50 dollars if possible, if not I can spend a little more.

I would like to go with the Corsair but I don't know if 400 watts would be enough.

Thanks for any input, it is appreciated.
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  1. roll with the cooler master.. I think your card needs a 6 pinn for power..
  2. Corsair is by far the best of the three PSU's. And it does have a 6 pin PCI-e connector.

    Both the CoolerMaster and the BFG are obsolete designs without active PFC and lower efficiency than the Corsair and the Corsair produces the same amount of usable power (12 volts) as the CoolerMaster.
  3. Corsair. Just got a new corsair PSU, and I'm never looking back. By the way, where you said the computer you got was, you posted a link to the video card again. Lol.
  4. one up on that Corsair. plus you should post your computer just to be sure.
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