BSOD.... Clean INstall W7 ONtop of vista...Help

Sry for the trouble, i have tried to troubleshoot this problem myself but i jus cant get it so i came to u guys for a lil help if u can.... my computer crashes constantly an it alwayz does it even if im in safe mode... It started doing this after i insttalled windows 7.....I previously had windows vista on here along with a dual boot of xp on a seperate hd... I formatted the vista hd an clean installed windows 7... im goin to upload ALL my dumps so if u can look at them an try to help me please i would greatly appreciate it thanx....
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  1. I'd be glad to have a look for you...
  2. my bad man i didnt realize anyone posted in here but here is a link to sum of my dumps if u dont mind taking a look,
  3. Wow.... well I think you'll want to look at a few different things.

    First, download and run Memtest86+ to check for memory problems. I'm seeing a lot of error codes pointing to either ram problems or bad drivers.

    Second, Run chkdsk and download the Ultimate Boot CD ( Run some of the integrated hard drive diagnostic tools to check for a failing hard drive.

    Finally, if the first 2 turn up nothing, check your temps with HWMonitor from CPUID to make sure nothing is overheating.
  4. hey thanx for the reply i ran memtest previously an it did find errors, but i think the test stopped abruptly an did not get to finish... i forget the amount of errors it found but i can run it again if its needed. im about to run chkdsk now if its possible to do in safemode because thats really the only way i can use this computer right now... after that i will do the bootcd thanx an i will let u kno the results
  5. If you ran Memtest and got errors, then you have your answer... bad RAM. It's possible that the voltages aren't set right or the power supply is having issues... but most likely your RAM is defective.
  6. does that mean i have to get new ram and thats it?? or change voltages or sumthing.. im not really hardware smart im more of a software guy any help i would appreciate
  7. You have to find the specs on your RAM... specifically what voltage it requires. You can change this in your BIOS (provided it's not a name brand computer like Dell or HP). If the voltage settings in BIOS match the specs on the RAM, then the RAM is likely defective and will need to be replaced.
  8. how can i check wat brand ram i got in my computer without taking it out... an i have an emachines but i jus installed a fresh copy of windows 7 on it i bought the coputer with vista on it
  9. If this is an OEM system, the ram is most likely suited to the motherboard, and the voltages should be correct. This makes defective ram the more likely cause.
  10. when i got the computer it came with one ram stick i switched them out so these arent the factory ram sticks its 2, 512mb sticks... but they r kinda old now so they might be defective
  11. Then you have your answer.
  12. hey i just put two of the same ram sticks in my computer both the same brand and size. I loaded up windows an it still crashed wat should i go about doing to solve this problem now?
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