Windows 8 - Ubuntu try win7 nothing works?!

Hi y'all.

I bought my computer Asus (see link for more)
(i got it 8 hours ago...)
anyway. I wanted really to install windows 7 (by using a usb) on my machine, it didn't seem to work. So I tried to install ubuntu and clean aaaall 1 tb stuff out :(. After a couple of reboots. I'm now stucked at the bio screen... I can't boot from the ubuntu disc anymore.... and what ever I do. I'm just beging thrown back the the bios...
Usually I'm a heavy computer nerd... But at this time I think I'm running out of power... I now wish I had the recovery disc to my windows 8 machine atleast...

Hope a nerd can help me out there!
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  1. Is it a most for me to have windows 7 disc to install or am I allowed to use usb?
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