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When I plug in my graphics card, my ram, and my CPU and power the whole thing with my PSU I get nothing on my monitor but I do get the CPU fan to spin and the graphics card fan to spin and the power LED comes on the board.

Here's my hardware: ASUS M4A79TDX EVO, AMD Athlon II X4 630, XFX Radeon HD 5770, GSKILL DDR3 1600 Ripjaws (PC 12800), and Antec TP-750W.

Here's what I did to troubleshoot.
I took the motherboard out of the case and placed it on the motherboard box so there would be no short circuiting.
I unplugged my Hardrive and my Optical drive for simplification.
I had my friend bring his computer and I tested my RAM and my graphics card and my power-supply on his computer and his computer booted up fine.

So I think that means that I've narrowed it down to the motherboard or the CPU. I tried clearing the CMOS on the mother board and moving the RAM around to different ports to see if one of the ports is not working. I guess I still don't know if the BIOS is updated for my CPU but I was insured that it was when I called ASUS.

It puzzles me as to why the CPU fan would still spin if the motherboard is broken but I guess it could.

I'm posting on this forum because from the research I did online I haven't heard any problems about the CPU being bad but many about this motherboard being bad.

What I'm asking is should I just RMA the motherboard or is there any other tests I could try?

Please tell me if I should post somewhere else.
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  1. what about your PSU, is it working fine.. remove ram , hdd,cv/dvd drive , graphics card every thing & power on the machine, listen for any beep sound from bios..
  2. Probably the motherboard. Bad CPU's are very rare.

    Strip out everything except the CPU, HSF, PSU, and case speaker. Turn on the system. You should hear a series of long single beeps indicating memory problems. Silence indicates (in most likely order) a problem with PSU - you've tested it, motherboard, or CPU.
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