CPU temp spikes, Random BSOD's, other errors

My computer is rebooting at random times (load, or no load).

Today, I noticed that the CPU fan will speed up and slow down in 2 or 3 second intervals. I opened PC Probe II to check the CPU temp. In one minute, the CPU idle temp fluctuates from 35 degrees up to 44 degrees. It usually jumps 3 degrees at a time, up or down. The motherboard temp is a steady 39 degrees C. Also this morning, as Windows XP was loading, I got an error message that said "could not write to memory" or something like that. I clicked OK and Windows loaded, but several programs or services crashed and wanted me to report errors.

The rebooting problem began about 6 months ago. It would do this once a month and go away. Now, it's everyday, or sometimes, multiple times per day. When it crashes, a BSOD message sometimes flashes before rebooting, but not long enough for me to read it. I've found that shutting the computer down for 30+ minutes helps make the rebooting problem go away. The Mobo heat pipe seems hot when this happens, but not scorching hot. None of the heatsink grills have dust in them.

I figured this was a PSU problem from the start, but now I'm not sure.

Any ideas?

AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+
ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe Motherboard
Crucial Ballistix 2GB memory DDR2 PC6400
Antec True Power Trio 550-watt
XFX 7600GS video card
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  1. I would check the cpu heatsink, and reinstall with fresh thermal grease. I would also run memtest, a free download, to check your crucial ram. One stick may be bad.
  2. I will try that.

    Last night and this morning, a new problem has arisen. IE7, Firefox, Dr. Watson Postmortem Debugger are crashing regularly.

    This morning, however, no random reboots.
  3. OK, the random rebooting is gone.

    I put fresh Arctic Silver 5 on the CPU and swapped out the RAM with DDR2 sticks from a different computer.

    The CPU temp still fluctuates, but not as much. It remains in the 35 to 40° range, so that's an improvement. I don't understand what's happening, though. I had Arctic Silver 5 on there before, and it's been stable and cool. Would defective RAM elevate the CPU temps?
  4. Crucial is crap, but sadly yes, for some odd random issues. rarely ever but there is a chance a ram will give you bsod.
    a bad ram wouldn't be the only cause of your issue.
    however if you had a bad hsf install, and a bad issued ram jolting. got your self bsod some what caused by bad ram. retarded ram with bad latencys > cpu speeding up to work with it > bad hsf install = over heating
  5. I sat here with no programs running, no load, and the Idle temp jumped 6 degrees at once. That's what concerned me, I guess I'm not used to sudden changes like that.

    The reason I know it's the CPU fan is because I watched the RPM in PC Probe. When the CPU temp rose, the RPM's followed with it. My video card doesn't have a fan, so that's not it.

    My system is several degrees cooler with different RAM, so take it for what it's worth. Not to mention it's completely stable now.
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