Desktop Fan Controller

I just built a desktop and im planning on over clocking it..
AMD 9950 BE 2.66ghz quadcore
4gb pc800 ram
coolermaster haf932

I just wanted some opinions on what the best quality fan controller is. Im looking for a controller where i can connect at least 4 fans I want something that looks stylish, works efficiently and easy to use. Im not really worried about the cost.. Thank You
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  1. If you have an open 5.25 inch slot on your case, newegg has a thermaltake x controller 4 fan panel for only $12.99 plus shipping. It should work fine.
  2. Thank You for your suggestion..I really appreciate it..I did a lot of research and to find which had the best quality, style, features, and price. I ended up buying the NZXT Sentry 2...I ended up getting it for only 30$. Hope this helps whoever was interested in purchasing one also...
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