Phenom II 940 seems to have dead thermal diodes

Hello there everyone, I've been lurking around these, and other forums for quite some time, but usually don't join because I find that someone else has had the same problem as me, although I may have gotten lucky this time, because I looked around and haven't found anything, but anyway, onto the problem. So I decided to watercool my Phenom II 940 BE after I started hitting temperatures in the 60's for my processor temp and 50's for my core temperatures. After I got the watercooling going it was showing much more acceptable core temperatures in the 30's, but still showed a cpu temp in the 50's. I decided overclock my system to see how high I could get it before it would bluescreen. I was able to get it up to 3900 Mhz before bluescreen, I then decided to see if underclocking would lower the CPU temperature I was getting. So I underclocked my system via the bios (foxconn A7DA-S), I set my multiplier to 4x, giving me a quad core 800 Mhz system, when it booted up, at first glance I thought things were going great, until I realized that there is no way my cores were running at 0 C. I rebooted and restored my bios settings to default, only to find that the temperature diodes remained the same. Also, ACC was set to auto, so I have a feeling that may have something to do with this, although I don't see why it would, seen as how it's a Phenom II x4 and not an x2 or x3. So I guess my real question is, are the thermal diodes on my chip shot, and if so, are there any other ways to be able to reliably tell the temperature of my cpu? Thanks in advance for any help I get, and I look forward to seeing what you guys have to say.
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    Where are you getting your temp readings from? What programs? Your board is running a BIOS that officially supports the cpu?

    Clear cmos and see what happens.
  2. I have seen another AMD user, who was trying to run his voltage as low as possible in various states , have the same phenomenon . He mentioned having to re-flash his bios, which I thought was weird, thinking maybe that accomplished the same thing as clearing his cmos.
  3. Hmm, I am running a bios that supports the chip, but I could try updating, I am kinda wary though because with my luck it would corrupt the CPU and I'd have to get a new board. I have been using CoreTemp, Cpuid's HWmonitor, AMD OverDrive, which reports -256 C, and Speed fan, along with foxconn's FoxONE program. I will go and Clear my CMOS right now and see what happens.

    Edit: I am not quite sure why, but clearing the CMOS seems to have fixed it, although it did also reverse my screens and cause my computer to find new hardware, but that's beside the point. Thanks! I didn't even consider resetting the CMOS, because I didn't think that it would do anything! Guess I'll have to try everything in the future.
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