How does an optical drive connection cable look like....haha

I dunno how the connection cable looks like, not the power cable, the other one that connects to the MB, pictures from google would be awesome, does the cable come with the optical drive? Or MB, cant find it...
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  1. ^ There are 2 types of cables that are used to connect to the optical drive.
    1. IDE - Which is a thick one -
    But you get rounded ones too...

    2. SATA - Thinner cables\

    So first you have to check the socket type of the optical drive to know which cables can be used.
    If it looks like this, it would be a SATA drive -

    This is an IDE drive...
  2. EDIT :P Dint refresh before posting...
  3. o sata works for both optical drive and hard drive? haha :P. My MB came with an IDE and a couple SATA cables
  4. Both hard drives and optical drives use to be IDE, they are now switching over to SATA as its easier to fit onto the board and manage in the case.
  5. thanks, i though they used different cables, makes my life easier.

    Off-topic, what does the USB 2.0 connect to, MB im guessing, (never openedup mine yet lol)
  6. Are you talking about the ones from the front panel of the case? Your motherboard manual will have a picture showing where to plug it in.
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