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I currently have a Dell Insipron 531 with ASUS M2N61-AX motherboard socket am2 that I put in a thermaltake supranors case with a thermaltake 430 watt psu. I have a AMD X2 4000+ I would really like to upgrade it as high as possible without needing to flash my bios, I refuse to do that. I was reading that I can go all the way up to 6000+ but you need to flash the bios in order to do so, so what I am wondering is if with my motherboard what it will recognize by default I have had someone tell me that I might be able to run a X2 5600 without flashing but wasn't sure. I want to know for sure so that I can order it asap and know that it will work because if it doesnt I wont be able to return it to newegg and get my money back. I just want to do this while I save up for a new build with an i7 or something better but I just want this to hold on to while waiting, any help would be amazing.

Thank you

Dell Insipron 531 with ASUS M2N61-AX motherboard socket am2, thermaltake supranors case, psu thermaltake 430watt, radeon 4650, 2 gb ddr2 667, 240gb sata 7200.
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  1. The 5600 brisbane should work fine. It's $50.99 with free shipping at newegg, and your old heatsink should be adequate. If in doubt, open an rma for the cpu as soon as it arrives, as newegg only gives you 7 days to return it. If it works, the rma will expire in about 30 days; no harm done. I've shipped cpus in envelopes with the protective package and a little bubblewrap. I just tape the whole envelope except the upper right side, where the stamps go.
  2. So you think I will be able to run that 5600 without a bios flash?
  3. Once I install the cpu newegg doent let you return it if it doesnt work do they?? Also are you pretty sure it will run because im on the checkout page about to buy it and if you give me the go ill pay :)

    thanks for your help BTW
  4. Visit the motherboard manufacturer site and see if the cpu is supported... And good luck on the i7 build.. :-)
  5. I have no idea what version it is, I can't find it anywhere, The motherboard is: Dell Insipron 531 with ASUS M2N61-AX motherboard socket am2, I bought it back in like 07, I know for a fact that the cpu works with this motherboard but I have read about people having to flash their bios with the 6000+ models of the cpu and I am scared to do that.. It's too late though because I already ordered it from newegg...

  6. I am going to start the i7 build as soon as I upgrade this computer and give it to my brother.
  7. Newegg should allow you to return the 5600 if it doesn't work, but will charge you a 15% restocking fee. If your board works, but lists the cpu as "unknown", use cpuid to see the specs. And remember that amd's cool and quiet energy saving software may run your cpu under the normal speed at idle. I would not flash your bios unless absolutely necessary. Your board is too hard to replace; oem boards are expensive even used.
  8. So you think it's going to run it alright? I know that inspiron 531s' can run up to 6000+ I just hope mine can run this 5600 without the flash.. I turn cool n quite off

    thanks for ur feedback
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