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I am installing a second optical drive in my Dell T7400 tower. There is nowhere in support literature how to remove the metal optical front bay cover plate (shield, Dell P/N XG963). You can see and remove the right side screw which holds the bay cover, but access to the left side screw is impossible unless you remove the left computer case panel which I do not know how to do!

Does anyone know how to access that screw. Remember if you are trying to help that I am not replacing an existing drive, this is installing an additional drive.

Thanks for the help.
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  1. On my WS 490, I installed a 2nd. hard disk in this shielded front bay. You are correct about the screw and access to the right hand sise. This shield is fastened in place by spring loaded tabs on the top side and the bottom side. The shield is about 2" deep and you will find a small plastic pull tab in front. Pull on this tab and the shield will pop out.

    You may also assist the removal by pushing it out from the inside. The spring loaded tabs do hold the shield quite securely. This is how I got mine out. There are no other screw fasteners holding this shield (only 1 screw on the right hand side).
  2. Thank you VERY much
  3. philwright_53 said:
    Thank you VERY much

    Did you get it out?
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