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Hi guys looking to build my own poker computer soon (!).

I wont be doing any gaming at all. I also want to have the ability to go to 2 monitors if I want.

Is the integrated graphics card you get with the cheap motherboards good enough for this purpose?

This is the sort of thing ive been looking at;

Is there any noticeable difference if one monitor connects through VGA and the other one through the DVI-D? Is that motherboard ok by the way?

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  1. The MObo is good....The integrated chip will be good as long as the screen doesnt have 2 much goin on....But the best option will be 2 go for a GFX card.....The DVI-D will have crisper images than VGA....other than that there will be no probs....
  2. It may be an overload on integrated gfx,So buy a Cheapgfx card like this one:
  3. Just try it and see, if you need a card at all it will be a small one: either 9400 or HD4550 would be plenty.
    For detailed specs, visit the manufacturers website, E-tailers are notorious for missing them out.
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