Intel's 48-core processor debut (photos)

The caption with photo #3 talked about how it is still x86 based so you can put Windows and/or Linux on it.

It is starting to get crazy how much Intel and AMD have been pushing CPU development. I've even just read in the Feb 2010 MaxiumPC how they are putting the GPU on the same die as the CPU.
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  1. It really does not matter till performance per core improves and programing for the use of more cores current and latest generation cpus are crap before the shovel.
  2. but even so, makes a 6 core processor look totally inadequate
  3. Quote:
    Dude where have you been the stone age?

    Ya, it's called having 2 part time jobs and part time school for Computer Forensics. What little free time I have I watch shows like Attack of the Show, Mythbusters, and some History Channel. I also play some computer games. For keeping up with the latest developments I pop into every week or two. I don't obsess with keeping up on the latest all the time. There is only so much time in the day.
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