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Hello Forum,

I am looking to upgrade from a decent Acer 20" monitor at 1650x1080 to a monitor 23"+ at either 1920x1080 or more preferably 1920x1200 res. My budget is no more than $320 before tax (I'd love to keep it much lower but can be convinced to spend the full amount if noticeable differences are shown).

Here is my current monitor specs:

I have been looking at a few monitors already, but I'd rather you all give me your opinions on what monitors to consider. I want to see a noticeable difference between my current monitor and the next. I also would much rather get a 24" with great quality than say a 28" with low quality. I currently have a HD 4890, but I'll probably be getting a HD 5870 for Christmas.

I think I've narrowed my search down to these three monitors listed below. I just can't seem to decide between the three. The problem for me is there aren't any good stores around my house to check out LCD's in person. I went to Best Buy (which is the only place I could think of that has them out on display) and they did not have ANY 1920x1200, only 1920x1080. Any other places I could visit to check monitors out? Also, any help you can give on narrowing down the three I've listed below would be nice

Samsung 24" T240HD 289.99 Free Shipping

ASUS VW266H 25.5" 299.99 plus $30 MIR Free Shipping

Hanns-G 28" HG-281DPB 309.99 Free Shipping

Thanks for the help!
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    Your links are broken, by the way.

    Assuming this is a gaming monitor, you want the lowest possible response time. 2MS is great.
  2. Thanks for the response shadow. I hope I fixed the links, sorry about them being broken.

    I like the monitor you suggested, although, I am really preferring a 1920x1200 resolution monitor. The Hanns-G I have listed only has 3 ms response time and the Asus has 2 ms GTG. The Samsung I have listed is the only one with a 5 ms response time, but from reviews I had read it didn't seem to be a problem. Do you think that there is much of a difference between the 2 ms GTG and 5 ms?

    And to clarify, yes this is mainly for pc gaming and PS3 gaming. Of course, its also for daily internet and school use as well. Maybe some Blu Ray watching from the PS3 too.
  3. Yeah, now that I can see those links, that 28'' looks great. It has a bad contrast ratio, and I don't know how much that affects gaming...

    Anyways, the fact that the 19x12 res is recommended for a 28'' inch is stupid. You're going to need a good graphics card to handle the huge res!
  4. So you think the Hanns-G is better for my purposes than the Samsung and Asus I listed?

    And I think the HD 4890 would work well, not to mention I'm planning on upgrading to 1 or 2 HD 5870 in the near future, right?
  5. For $299.99 you can get a multi-touch screen LCD from HP Compaq. It has 1080p resolution and it's windows 7 'certified' however it's 21.5". I am totally getting one of these SOON for my media editing. <3 photoshop with touch screen. (I have a business, and some of the work is photoediting.)

    But if your looking for a bigger screen get the Hanns-G 28" (27.5" really) HG-281DPB as it has pretty good reviews and has 3.5" more then the Samsung. Also x6 winner of customer choice award in newegg.

    You should notice a definite difference in games over the 20" Acer, however in regular browsing, there may be slight differences ofcourse the hanns will be better.

    If you want the most screen real estate specially with you upgrading to a HD 5870. You should consider getting 2x 20"-24" LCD's then using femininity technology to use them together. That is what I am doing since it will give me the biggest screen real estate and I will be maximizing my use of the HD 5870 I plan to upgrade to. (well I will be using 4x monitors on a "square" configurations on one of my room's walls)
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