Monitor probs - Do I need new graphics card?

My monitor is playing up lots of horizontal and vertical lines flickering and frozen on the screen. I don't think it's a technical prob with the monitor I think it's my graphics card as the display is ok for a few moments then goes bad again. I have '128mb ATI radeon x300 graphics (onboard sma)' according to the paper I got with the pc (mesh elite2 d805) bought 3 yrs ago. Also it says 'ati xpress 200 pci express'. I wanted to try and update drivers but how can I when I can't see anything on the monitor?? Shall I install a new graphics card? If I don need a new card I think I just need something basic as I don't game, I watch tv (it's a media centre pc) play wii (using dscaler) watch movies and use internet. Just need something cheap n basic I think. I'd like dvi output cos I got dvi monitor but have been using analogue connection. Any recommendations? If you think i need one? I think i have a free pci express slot on the board but not sure cos I don't know what it should look like. Also my tv card uses the bottom slot on the board with a modem card on the next one up. Can I put a graphics card in the slot where the modem card is I obv don't need the modem :) I've never done anything with components on my pc before but want to try and sort this out myself. Just baffled at how I'm supposed to do anything on the pc (driver updates, uninstall the old graphics card etc) when I can't see anything on the monitor! Thanks XXX
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  1. have u tried your monitor on the other computer?
    if it working then your vga is the root of your trouble...
    and it's 3 years ago, maybe it's time to a little bit upgrading... :)
  2. The modem is going to be using a PCI slot. Which is NOT the same as PCI-E slots that modern video cards use. So that definitely will NOT work.

    Your current card however (the 128mb ATI radeon x300 graphics) should use a PCI-E slot. So I would go that route for sure. You can find some very inexpensive PCI-E based graphics cards out there that are good for what you want (but not good for gaming).

    FOr instance, here's an open box deal at NewEgg:

    ATI 4350 512MB $24.99

    Try your monitor on another PC first though if you can, just to be sure it's your graphics card.
  3. Thanks for that advice guys. I tested the monitor and it's ok with another pc so I guess I need a new card. I'd really appreciate help identifying the slots I have (see link)
    the bottom pci has tv card in, above that there's a pci with modem in (this can go) then there's a small white slot then a larger brown slot. Are either of these gonna take a graphics card (if so what kind)? Your advice is much appreciated XXX
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