Have problem with my internet connection after overclock

hey guys so i have g31 m7 te and q8200

the problem is

1: how can i open a voltage option i remember in gigabyte's motherboards you need to click F1 + ctrl i dont remember exactly plz help me

2. so cpu voltage set on auto and i try to overclock it and reach to 2.8 so the problem when press f9 and save and the pc restart so the windows start but i look theres no internet ! theres red X on the internet access... and when i open device manager i i dont see the network adapter !! i try to download last driver for the network but its give me mssge error something like : deep sleep mode ....

when i restart the pc and turn all on default all be fine and the connection back what the problem ? what a ishould do ? and how can unlock the voltage on this board to see it
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  2. uppppp help me what to do
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  4. Go into Windows power settings and make sure that your network adapter is Enabled...Your question is written in a confusing manner...Please tell us what your BIOS settings are when in an OC scenario
  5. thnx for reply lowjack989

    ok i will explain more good

    first i use this options from bios

    and ram set on 800mhz
    vcore i dont found so it on auto

    when i turn on the pc again i found no internet (connection-


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