Antec 1200 PSU to motherboard extension

Hey guys, I just ordered an Antec 1200 and I know I saw somewhere that with the lower mounted PSU one of the cables is to short to route properly to the motherboard. I forgot which one it was, but I know the recommend PSU cable is too short(Good thinking Antec). Anyway in one of the threads there was a link to the proper extender on Newegg, but I can't seem to find it. Anyone who has had this problem could you give me a link to that extension?
Thanks mates,
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  1. Ok found the answer to my own question finally, so if anyone else has this question...

    It's the 8 pin atx:

    or this one

    Some people also recommend a 24 pin motherboard power extension:

    Hope this can save some people some hunting...
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