Need cereal help to find myself a new case fan. (sorry if wrong fourm)

Good evening tom's hardware.
After recently purchasing and build my own gaming computer i have resized that after long gaming sessions my computer tends to get a little hot. However before i purchased my machine i watched tons of reviews of my parts and i realize now that get the Coolermaster Silencio 550 was not the best idea since it includes 2 terrible fans inside. That is of course why i am making this thread, but i need help finding a new case fan. I clearly need a powerfull fast fan which can get alot of could air in my case, but it has to be 120mm. I have done a quick search and being me and not knowing that much about fans i belive that the lovely people at tom's hardware could help me. I have been looking at mainly Coolermaster fans and the Coolermaster Excalibur dose indeed look very nice but so dose the Coolermaster Turbine but i am worried this will make lots of noise. So that is my dilemma. [Skip here if you want the long story short] I need a good fairly quite 120mm fan for under £20. Thanks in advance
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