How to Change the Initial Splash Screen.

Hey guys, first time poster and builder here.

I just finished my rig recently and I couldn't help but realize that my Gigabyte X58A-UD3R motherboard's splash image is really hideous. There are just too many logos about USB 3.0 and how super the motherboard is.

My question is simple: Is there a way to possibly bypass this iniital splash screen and go straight to that DOS screen where the motherboard makes its hardware checks? If not, can someone help me change the splash screen so that I don't have to see the gigabyte one everytime I restart or powerup? I read that this requires a flash of the BIOS which I may or may not be comfortable with yet. Still deciding haha.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. In some Bios' there is an option to enable/disable the splash screen. I know my EVGA does. So go into the Bios, look for it, and disable it.
  2. In the BIOS, Advanced BIOS Features, change "Full Screen LOGO Show" to Disabled. It's on page 52 of the manual.
  3. Thanks a lot guys. I should have studied the manual a little bit harder.
  4. So many settings to go over in today's BIOSes, there's no real reason to go through most of them unless you need to modify one for some reason. In this case, you could have answered your own question but there's no harm in asking as sometimes the quickest way is to simply ask.

    When putting together your own systems, it's always a good idea to at least peruse the manual of one of the motherboards you buy so you have a feel for what's there. A little knowledge goes a long way. However, most people can run with defaults and never know the difference. Annoying logos just have to go, in my opinion.

    Glad to have helped out.
  5. Also, GB's FaceWizard will allow you to put in your own 'splash'... Saw a 'powered by ganja' one that I liked, also where I got this:
  6. I don't like this quote here:

    "And not only this, Face-Wizard™ also helps user to update BIOS in windows mode."

  7. Finally found 'em - easiest way to look at 'em is here:
    Don't miss:
    Pollute1 & pollute2
    and Winside! [:bilbat:9]
  8. bilbat, great link, bookmarked it....loved satan2 as well. THANX
  9. I didn't happen to notice that one - doesn't it often seem exactly so?? [:bilbat:2]

    Gave me an Idea, too... How about

    "powered by:"

    and then the 'Intel Circle' with

    "Murphy's Law!"

    inside?? [:bilbat:5]
  10. bilbat said:
    Finally found 'em - easiest way to look at 'em is here:
    Don't miss:
    Pollute1 & pollute2
    and Winside! [:bilbat:9]

    This link is not work , please provide alternate link.
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