Neat ati sidebar gadget temp monitor

]I had one for my nvidia card but couldn't for the life of me find one for an ati card. Some interweb digging found

It was just what I was looking for.
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  1. Nice find thanks :) Works well with my 4870X2
  2. Cool! Nice find sparky13! :)
  3. Cool. Glad you guys could use it! :)
  4. Thank VERY much ! I was looking for this for quite some time, downloaded over 5 temp softwares looking for something ideal.

    this gadget is perfect , it complements the Coretemp gadget very nicely !!
  5. yeah its a very nice little gadget :) i have used this several months already and im happy with it :D its very good when its showing both gpu load and memory load :)
  6. Thankyouverymuch
  7. Cool, i like this very much, nice find.
  8. Looking nice, but for some reason it won't show temp and i can't select some of the option, like memory load, VPU load and other.

    Where do I do wrong?
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