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We just got a new monitor – 22 inch. When I changed the frequency resolution, I got an error message on the monitor that said something like resolution frequency not correct.

According to the instructions, the computer is to reset itself after 3 seconds. Which it did, until the last time I changed it. I am unable to get the message off.

So far this is what I’ve done – alt/dlt/ctrl (about a zillion times – nothing changes on the screen – the error message stays on), turned the monitor on and off, turned the computer on and off (also about a zillion times – nothing changes on the screen. I also changed back to the old monitor – nothing changes – same message.

What can I do?????????
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    switch off the pc - hold the power button for 10 seconds, turn it back on and press f8 key until windows diagnostic menu appears.

    select safe mode

    select yes when windows boots, click on start, all programs, accessories, system tools, system restore and restore it back to yesterdays date.

    all lcds work generally at 60Hz, there is no need to change the frequency resolution.

    all the best
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