Low 5850 vantage scores?

I'm only getting about 9300 gpu score in vantage...do i have a cpu bottleneck? I'm running a phenom 9950 at 3.2ghz. I compared some games on my computer to benchmarks as well and fps wasn't as high. I tried a new OS install, but i had the same result. So...is it a cpu botteneck or what?
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  1. To truly identify a CPU bottle neck, try playing the same games with very low graphic settings, and low resolution. If your FPS doesn't become a lot higher, then you probably have a bottle neck from the CPU or another source.

    In other words, if you can play @ 1920x1080 with all high settings and get 30FPS, and still get 30FPS at 800x600 with all low settings, then you're being bottle necked by something.

    The original Phenom CPUs can be limiting in some cases.
  2. I ran farcry 2 benchmark tool and this was the results:
    (everything maxed out)

    640x480 39.00avg fps
    1280x1024 38.90avg fps
    1680x1050 35.49 fps
    1920x1200 30.87fps

    Does this look cpu limited?
  3. Your Phenom is a bit worse than a stock Q6600 on average. I'd look up HD 5850 + Q6600 performance and see if you're getting comparable results.
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