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A disc read error occurred (New hard drive)

Hello everyone, I'd first like to thank everyone in advance for any support given to me.

I recently bought a few parts to upgrade my computer. I bought a new Motherboard, new RAM, new processor and a new Hard drive. Installation went smoothly with few problems, and everything seems to be working. The BIOS loads fine, the RAM is found and a memory diagnostic shows it's fine and the CPU is running at the stock 3.3GHZ speed as it should, (Although really hot, but that's a question for another time)

The problem is Windows. It installed without issue to my hard drive. I put in the CD, booted from CD drive and installed. However, on restart, I get an error saying "A disc read error occured pres ctrl+alt+del to restart". This happens when I boot directly from the HD from the BIOS while the windows CD is in the disc drive. (Boot priority is HD -> Disc drive, by the way) If the CD is removed, the error does not appear, and windows attempts to load, but fails and I instead get a new error 0xc00000e9 saying files are missing or corrupt. Then I get a menu to load windows normally, safe mode, etc, but all options give the same error.

If the hard drive is broken, I can send it back to Newegg and get a new one, which is a relief.

Please help if at all possible! :)
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    Have you checked for that particular error elsewhere?

    Most people have said it's not a HDD fault, it's your installation medium, in your case it's the CD....
    Get a fresh copy of the Disc or then try using a USB image to reinstall the OS.

    You Say " Installation went smoothly with a few problems"...... Contradictory terms........ if you had a few problems at the booting level itself, nothing else can ever go smoothly.....
    What Windows are you trying to install?

    Is that CD/DVD drive and LG Model?
    'Cos from my recollection one of the LG Models which I own does have a similar issue or did , until i flashed it to a new firmware.
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