Overclocking Athlon II x2 250 on Asus m4n68t-m v2

Hello all,

i am asking for help on over clocking my athlon ii x2 250 on my asus m4n68t-m v2 mobo. i am not having much luck with this ... i am not a noob with computers but i am when it come to OCing. the only OC i can do is the "preset" 5% tune in the bios. it does not give me much of an OC 3.1Ghz up from the stock 3.0Ghz. also the frequencies seem to be a bit high for my comfort though nothing overheats, yet. i have tried following this guide but it's not getting me very far. every time i even make small adjustments to the bios it doesn't get past the boot up (the mobo has OC protection built in).

here is what i have;

AMD Athlon II x2 250
Asus M4N68T-M v2
Crucial 2Gb x2 sticks ddr3 1333
Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro 64 cpu heatsink and fan
HIS HD 6790 (got for the less than a hd 6770, brand new)
"emachines" et1331g case (replacing soon with Ranger M case)
600 GB HDD not sure what brand
dvd burner unknown brand
2 80mm case fans
1 pci slot fan
coolermaster gx450 psu

i am also wondering if i should just leave it alone for now, i am planning on getting a phenom ii here in the near future (an x4 or x6 , not sure yet). any help or incite would much appreciated.
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    I would suggest just adjusting your FSB in increments of 5, run prime95 for 15 or so minutes to see if its moderately stable then adjust the FSB another 5. Just remember that the FSB will affect your RAM and NB/HT frequencies. You will need to adjust voltage slowly on your CPU, RAM, and a little on your NB. Best thing to do is reset all your default and start from scratch keep the stock volts until your system won't boot anymore and then adjust from there. Just keep in mind that you don't want to above 1.5v and watch your temps anything more than 65degrees I think? make sure you check for recommended max safe voltage and temps. Good Luck!
  2. i forgot to mention that i use hwmonitor, cpuid, and LinX (i read it was better than prime95 for testing because it's faster but i think prime does a better job, imo) i will give this a try when i get back home and see how far i get that way. i am only looking to get to about 3.4ghz or so.
  3. I've never used LinX, but I'm sure it would do the trick. 3.4 seems very possible with you're chip. Good Luck!
  4. thanks, i raised the fsb from 200 to 230 and lowered my nb freq to near stock 2070 mhz. this raised me up to 3451.3 mhz with virtually no heat increase or stabilty issues. LinX never seemed to "push" my system so i ran prime95. maybe once i get my new case (with better cooling options) i will go for 4Ghz ... so far this little boost is good enough, helping out my hd6790 in WoW quite a bit so far. haven't really gone below 50 fps but not sure how high as i keep vsnyc on to keep the temps down. i didn't touch any voltages either. didn't really see that i needed to.

    to those wondering i didn't up the FSB all at once, i did it in increments of 5. got up to 250 before windows crashed boot up (right after i entered my PW). i figured 230 was better since it was closest to my original goal and my concern for overheating with my "emachines" case (even with added fans and "vents" i drilled and cut). if i decide to OC more when i get my new case i will post the results, but i may not. i am getting a pII in a month or two and just want the extra speed to "tide me over" so to speak.
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