CPU-Z Not Displaying DC Mode or NB Frequency?

I currently have 2gb RAM, or two 1gb sticks, but the weird thing is that the memory tab in my CPU-Z says Dual next to the channels #, however, DC Mode and NB Frequency are both grayed out. Am I in dual channel mode? If not how do I get CPU-Z to recognize DC Mode?
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  1. Dual channel mode is determined by the motherboard chipset. If your ram sticks are both the same configuration (example 64x128 dual sided) then you should be running in whatever mode your board allows. The difference in performance between single and dual channel is only 5-7%; not worth changing ram or boards over. It's not even worth risking a bios flash. You can also check your manual for more information.
  2. Yeah, according to my motherboard manual the sticks are in the proper spots to support dual channel. I'm just wondering why my CPU-Z has DC Mode and NB Frequency greyed out, even though it says channels #: Dual?
  3. here too, but it says dual so, its running in dual mode anyways :D
  4. It depends on the mobo and BIOS, CPU-Z can't always get all the info that it tries to display, not a big deal. Dual channel mode primarily is what slots you have DRAM in, which really has nothing to do with the chip configuration i.e. with most Intel mobos, you can have 2 4GB sticks in the A channel of the mobo and an 8GB stick in a Channel B slot and it will run dual - although that's if the sticks will play together
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