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I have a relatively old computer which I use for storage and downloading...It's psu gave up and I am going to replace it. It was a Zalman silent 400W and I am wondering what I should put in there. I am just going to continue using the pc as file/download-server.

Here are the details of what's inside:

Pentium 4 2GHz
4 IDE HD's: WD Caviar Green 500GB / Maxtor 200GB / Maxtor 200 GB / Maxtor 160 GB
PCI Network Card
Basic fanless NVIDIA GPU(don't remember wich one...with 256 MB Memory)

I was looking at the following models:

Corsair CX 400W
Xilence Power 400W
Antec Basiq 430W

Would these models be ok and am I right when saying I should prefer the Corsair ? IT would be nice to be able to choose between these models cause I already have an open order for some other stuff from the same shop where I can get these. If I choose one of the above I don't have to pay (15 Euro) transport costs. If off course someone feels I need something else...I am open for suggestions,

ty for your time.
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  1. Yes, I guess you have a point there,

    all it has to do is work and be silent.
  2. It can be a small one, but choose a PSU that has full range active PFC (aren't all in the EU like that now?) and 80+ certification. That Antec Basiq isn't bad, but it is the only Antec I know of that has received only mediocre reviews. An Earthwatts would be better; the newest ones are 80+ bronze. The 380W model would be enough for you. Of the choices you listed, I'd get the Corsair, hands down.
  3. Yes...The Corsair is the most expensive, but I'll go for that one. The Antec has a 80mm fan, the other 2 a 120mm fan...120mm should be more silent. And the Xilence is made in China I think...not my favorit place to have things made,

    thx for thinking with me.
  4. +1 Corsair 400 CX!! Its only $39 on newegg.

    I own one and its fantastic. Its silent, blows cool air out of my case, etc.

    If the price difference were bigger I'd say generic.. but I think this is worth $10-15 more.
  5. No. Never generic.
  6. Well,

    in the end I bought an FSP 450W. I think I had an FSP PSU before...it's nothing special, but I needed one with at least 5 molex connectors. I have 4 IDE HD's. The newer fancier models seem to have sata power connectors and I didn't feel like using convertors,

    it seems to work fine and quiet.
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