Baffled by sudden and total loss of performance

AMD Athlon 1100T (6 cores at 3.3 ghz)
8 Gigs DDR3 RAM
Radeon HD 6950
Windows 7 64 Bit
GIGABYTE Motherboard, don't remember the serial number, but it's a high end board.
Coolermaster HAF 932 tower
850 W PSU

I bought SWTOR on launch day, installed it, set it to max settings and have breezed around at 40+ FPS ever since. Game ran as smooth as one could reasonably expect.

Last night I was doing a few space missions and I decided I wanted to try putting SWTOR up on my 60' TV for a mission, just to experience it. It's a plasma, and I play a lot, so I don't wanna burn in the UI that sits on the same place on the screen all the time. I usually just use it as a screen to play movies off of my computer.

So I set it as my main display and startup SWTOR, the game opens on my monitor, so I tried a few other things and no matter what I tried, it opened on my monitor instead of the TV. So disconnected the monitor from the PC, to force it to open on the TV. I started up the game and it tried to open it for a second, then closed down. I tried a couple more times with the same result. I checked around on the forums and saw that other people have had problems running SWTOR on their TVs, so I plugged my monitor back in and started up the game again, it fired up with absolutely no problems. When I got in game, the menus were unbelievably laggy, and running around in game was like a slideshow. Even if I put the settings on low, the performance doesn't change a single bit. I turned the graphics down and got absolutely no change in performance, I tried virtually every combination of graphics settings in the game, exact same performance.

I've tried every last thing I can think of since this happened, and I have not been able to get a shred better performance.

I have:

Taken out the graphics card and replaces it with an identical card that was in my GFs computer.

Tried my old graphics card, a GeForce 9600 Palit.

Tried putting both 6950s in crossfire.

Took apart the 6950s, cleaned the crappy, crusty dried up thermal paste that was on them and replaced it with Arctic Silver 5.

Tested my RAM

Tested my CPU

Monitored the temperatures of all components both at idle and under load (35 and 55-60 respectively)

completely removed my video card drivers and reinstalled them.

Checked my HD space, over 500 gigs of free space.

I've been troubleshooting all day, and I finally came to something that might make some sense. When I open up the AMD VISION Engine Control Center, under the Graphics Overdrive section, there is a little thing showing various stats on your GPU such as temperature, core speed, etc. One of them is power, and it's at 0%. The fans on the GPU work just fine, they come on when the CPU boots up, they speed up and slow down based on GPU load. And the game looks as beautiful as ever when not moving around. I've looked around the internet, and can find no info on what that power thing should show in the control center. I have no idea if a PSU can even work that way, selectively giving powers to certain parts of the CPU but not others.

Any suggestions at all would be appreciated. Thanks guys.
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  1. Quote:
    , and I play a lot, so I don't wanna burn in the UI that sits on the same place on the screen all the time. I usually just use it as a screen to play movies off of my computer.

    Very helpful.

    To OP. Did you put your settings back to what you had before you started messing around with the TV? Did you try other outputs on your card?
  2. I think TV resolution damaged the card...
  3. Not being able to look at the hardware setup (cables, monitor vs TV configurations, etc.) is a little harder but...

    If there's a change in resolution : as in, your TV has a higher resolution than your monitor then yes, that is to be expected, your FPS will drop as your Res goes up...but you already knew that ; P

    Sometimes, VSync forces itself when you plug in new hardware (in this case, your TV). Go in your ATI configuration (CCC) and/or your game configurations and force VSync off. That might be it...
  4. about the performance maybe lol
    go to Control panel>Power options make sure its not set to Power Saver by accident

    to start game on certain screen, simply go to (right click empty desktop>screen resolution) select the screen you want and then check "make this my main display" then, it's easier then unplugging monitor, if game does not have build in monitor selector.
  5. Setting the power settings to +20% will allow your GPU to go 20% over the TPD of the card. I'd recommend getting GPU-Z and Furmark, run furmark 720p benchmark for a minute or however long you need with gpu-z open in the background at 0% power and check if you are getting your stock frequencies. Then check if there's any difference with +20%.

    This will let you know if there's any damage to the card anyway, but this sounds software related, if it doesnt effect other games.
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