Get 1.6mb speed on test but........

Get 1.6mb speed on test but only get 200kb when downloading from filehippo ect. is this normal because i just recently sorted out the problem that was causing my internet to be at 70kbs lol
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  1. 200kb from filehippo could be due to THEM limiting bandwidth, not you. If speedtest says you are doing 1.6, I would say your fine. Many websites limit the download speed of connections so everyone can download instead of a few hogging all the bandwidth.

    Test some other sites, Microsoft, Apple, etc.. and see what you get.
  2. Your bandwidth is not 1.6 MegaBYTES per sec. It is 1.6 MegaBITS per sec.
    The abbrevation of bits as 'b' is a cheap trick played by most ISPs to cheat you and make you believe it is bytes and not bits.
    1Byte = 8 Bits.
    This means your bandwidth is one eight of the number specified. Hence it is 1.6/8 = 0.2 MBytes per sec or 200KBytes per sec.
  3. Try downloading from a different site. The speed you get while downloading can only meet your max speed if the other side can upload fast enough to meet your download speed. There are many factors involved in a download transaction.
  4. You can follow the tips below to increase internet speed...

    Install Anti Virus Software or Firewall or Internet security in all devices.Software will not increase the speed of the internet.I have personally experienced in use that.So you can use the latest Browser,You can also use the Torrent to upload and Downloading ...Reset the Devices and Connection,Modem ,Router and Restart the Computer everyday.It helps to Speed up the internet.Check the speed of the internet at
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