Blue screen with new psu?

Hey guys i got my new psu in today. Running a gtx 570 which ran with my old psu fine.

But today when i put in the new psu i blue screen when i try to open games. It doesn't always blue screen tho, it either blue screens or just freezes up

Here are 2 dump files from diff blue screens

psu is a thermaltake TR2 RX 850W if that matters
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  1. Run the Memtest or Windows memory diagnostics and check the power cables to start with.
  2. If you have multiple rail configuration perhaps you are overloading a rail?.

    Only thing i can think of right now 8(.
  3. it was the power supply, put my old one in and everything works . i will be returning and getting the corsair HX850w!
  4. "thermaltake TR2 RX 850W" < this line of PSU's is known for putting out of spec ripple and noise when 70% or more power is drawn from it.
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