Do HDMI-DVI-D cables carry audio

I'm really confused and no one seems to know about DVI-D. I've heard DVI-D can carry audio and that it cannot. I've recently purchased a DGM HD moniter for both my Xbox 360 and my computer. The moniter has LINE-OUT port, VGA port, and DVI-I port. I understand all about how VGA is analogue and DVI-I supports both DVI-A and DVI-D, but does DVI-D carry audio? Or is there any way to get audio into the LINE-OUT from the HDMI-DVI cable from the Xbox? Plus my computer is old. Would it be better to have the computer going into the DVI input with a adapter
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  1. DVI is strictly video. I don't have an X-Box but I would assume it would have an audio line out or at the very least a headphone jack.

    I understand the X-Box has an HDMI output but it appears your DGM HD Monitor does not, only DVI......if your monitor had HDMI inputs, problem solved.

    Note: it seems the placement of the jacks might be your biggest problem as it seems the HDMI cable, once plugged in, restricts access to your audio output jack....there is some discussion about it here....
  2. Thanks very much :), but does this mean that i could have both the HDMI lead and the YPbPr leads in the Xbox at the same time?
  3. Yes, you can have both in. but under settings for audio you'd have to set it, it's going to probably be auto set on HDMI for audio
  4. YES! Cheers! you are life savers and lots of money savers 2!
  5. i've also read that you can get adaptors that can change SCART to DVI-A. Is this possible? and would the graphics sufffer for having it?
  6. Np ! that's what we're here for
  7. What about the adapter?
  8. Not familiar with SCART as I am a yank and you know we only care about ourselves ;-) but I did stumble across this rather technical discussion, maybe it will help.

    Q. Well, I did a little google-ing and I found out that the 15-pin D-sub VGA connector tranfers an RGBHV signal and european SCART transfers an RGB signal (SCART can tranfer other signals too, such as composite but it's able to tranfer RGB signal as well).
    I know that you can easily convert a VGA connector to a DVI-I (analog) connector and thus this means that DVI-I connector is able to tranfer RGBHV signal.
    A SCART cannot tranfer an RGBHV signal it can only transfer an RGB, which means that the Horizontal & Vertical synchronisation are missing.
    So, my question is... will this adapter convert a SCART to a DVI-I? What happens with the (unavaliable) HV information?

    * I want to connect a Microsoft Xbox Original (PAL) and a Nintendo Gamecube (PAL) to an Eizo S2411W Monitor, which features two DVI-I inputs that support analog signals. Note, that both the consoles output an RGB signal through SCART. *

    A. If your system does need the HV sync then the adapter/cable will most likely not work. I believe that your systems will need that HV sync. As I researched the SCART pinout I saw that PIN 17 has a "Composite video output ground/Sync output ground" and PIN 19 has a "Composite video output/Sync Output", those could be the syncs or could not, who knows? we have no way of finding that out as we do not have a PAL version anything to test it with. We do use use this with product that do not require the HV sync and that is all we can test it with. Ill try to do some more research on the PINs' 17 and 19 and get back to you.

    Q and A taken from
  9. Thanks for the info, it seems i'll just have to buy, wait and see whether the adaptor will work. Shouldn't matter too much if it does not work anyways, the adaptor won't cost too much money. Of course, as you know i'm a Brit and i'm gonna have to claim this on expenses. It's for the good of the family :bounce:
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