Warning - Shuttle K45 is bad product

Here is letter I send to Shuttle:

Dear ******

I have around 20 pc of Shuttle K45 bearebone out of 56 pc phurchased not working. The problem is same for all, no boot up, not even to Bios.

Problem PC are from two invoices; ******* and *******

Pls. Advice what to do.

Shuttle answer:

From: Magnus Bennette [mailto:magnusb@us.shuttle.com]
Sent: Friday, October 16, 2009 2:01 PM
To: **********
Cc: Nan Xing
Subject: Shuttle Tech Support

*******, (C# 161490)

Thank you for choosing Shuttle Computer Products.

It is a statistically impossibility for 20 machines to die at the same time unless there was some
sort of power surge on the line or something similar along those lines or somekind of monkeying around inside the machines.

If something like this, did, happen, then it could be one of the components. For the most part,
RAM problems are responsible for no POST. I’d suggest that the components on one of the bad
machine be tested on a known good machine to see if the problem is those are causing the issue.

The last thing we can do is to test one of those machine’s power supplies on a known good working
K45 to see if the good working machine POSTs (displays video). If it does not then maybe the issue
is with the power supply.

I can tell you that the K45 is a very reliable machine and it’s a statistical impossibility for 20 machines to go bad at the same time without some outside influence as I mentioned above.

I’m sure that the technician did this, but I’d recommend that the components inside a good and bad
machine are compared to find out if anything looks strange, such as components missing or something else.

Keep in mind that these machine’s are out of warranty, and for Out of Warranty Reapairs, we charge:

K45 Defective Motherboard  $55.00 + S&H
K45 Defective Power Supply  $55.00 + S&H
K45 Defective PSU & Mobo  $60.00 + S&H

The, above, price includes Labor & Parts for our customers.

My answer back to Shuttle:

Dear ******,

I read message from Shuttel, and they talk like I started in computer business yesterday. I have been importing computer parts to ******* since 1984 (that was for Mac‘s and I started importing PC short after birth of PC).

Out of 56pc of K45 ther is 20pc not working. In same location there is around 150 computers and 15 servers. No other equipment has this problems so this is not enviroment (frist thing I check).

I personally assabled all K45, so be sure there was no „monkeying“ inside the K45.

I‘m now using 8 years old Chenbro box and DFI mainboards in same location,, currently they have lower defect rate than K45.

Computers 101 (for Shuttle Technical Support people):

1. I take one K45 who is working fine, and one that is not working.
2. Then I take cpu, memory, HDD (all imported from ******) and power supply from working K45 to not working K45
3. Same results, K45 no Bios, black monitor.
4. I put cpu, memory, HDD and power supply back and workin K45 is still working
5. Yes, I try 3-5 K45 and I try in steps cpu, memory, HDD and power supply e.g. not all in once.

It is big news that 8 years old computers are working better than K45.

******, you can see in other invoices for me what models I buy from Shuttle, other Shuttle barebones are working without a problem (same monkeyTecGuy ME)

I‘t is clear to me that K45 model has serious manufactoring problem, not found in Shuttle higer end models.

I demand from Shuttle to fix this problem.

Final answer fromm Shuttle:

they said it's over the 1year warranty. they offer the repair price on the email i forward to you.
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  1. Shuttle is a small company, compared to Asus and Gigabyte who are Tier 1 manufacturers. Thanks for letting us know about the problems.
    Check this out, if it may be of use to you.

    "New build won't boot" checklist


    Salvage what you can from the barebones.
  2. We have same problem What did you finally do to get those systems up and running?
    Scott ND
  3. I have had 7 shuttles fail due to swollen capacitors. These system worked under shortly after the warranty expired then we started to have issues with them. The system loses video, or it just shuts down. Each system has swollen caps in the same location. Where can one get the capacitors so that I can try to replace them. I would not want to replace them with the wrong ones and thereby causing more problems. Where can you purchase the boards? If you cant buy the caps from shuttle...
  4. I just lost my K45 machine, no post, no video but fans spin up. Everything points to a mainboard issue as I swapped all the other parts out and nothing changes.

    I came across this post for the adventurous tech person... replacing the capacitors yourself:


    The website (in the US) list at the bottom of the page badcaps.net can provide replacement capacitors for a few dollars so I have ordered some. I'll let you know what happens.
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