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I have a Asus direct CU2 HD6970 and I've been trying to overclock it.

At the default voltage (1,175v) I reached 950/1500 with no problem. It has been with those oc values for a couple of months. With max temperatures (while playing battlefield3) of 60ºC (140ºF).

Since the temps were so low, I decided to investigate about OC'ing this card.
After reading a few reviews that overclocked the card to values of 1080mhz and even an incredible value of 1103mhz! and call it stable.
So I ended up aiming only to 1020mhz on core.

With Asus SmartDoctor I changed the voltage to 1.225V and then with MSI afterburner changed to 1020/1500.
Then I run Heaven Benchmark and Furmark for a few times. No crashes or freezes.

But when I play Battlefield 3, I can't even play for more than 5/10mins without a freeze or crash.
I guess it was a voltage problem, probably 1.225V was enough for stability on bench software, but not for BF3?!

So I tried to slowly increase the voltage and try playing BF3.
With a few tries, I reached 1.3V without finding a single stable value to be able to play BF3. Tried 1.23v, 1.24v, 1.25, and so on...until 1.3v, the so called "safe barrier" I guess.

Any advices for a stable OC in BF3?
Am I aiming to high on the core overclock?

Am I doing something wrong? I can't understand how a few guides and reviews got way over 1020mhz and called it stable....

Temps aren't a problem, even at 1.3V I didn't passed over 72ºC.

Much appreciated for any help

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  1. 1ghz is very high for 6970 IMO.950 is enough.more than this will hardly increase 2~3 fps.don't risk your card.
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