Two ide hdd`s- into 1x ide port 1x sata port on mobo.

if 2 hdd are set to master wich disc will it boot from - will it be channel 0 master and if so can i set this up in the bios (i need to add a hdd that is ide *all my hdd`s are ide*with a maplins converter to sata on it) into 1 of the sata ports on mobo. my os is on the ide hdd plugged into the only ide port on the mobo - epox945series. also,do these converters slow things down? :pt1cable:
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  1. Setting the jumper on an IDE HDD to "Master" does NOT have anything to do with determining the boot device. Master and Slave are ONLY ways to identify two different devices one ONE IDE port.

    In your BIOS Setup screens you can find a place where you specify the Boot Priority Sequence. All of the drive devices in your machine will be listed there - floppy drives, optical drives, and hard drives, maybe even a USB flash drive if your mobo supports that. YOU set which device is tried first, which second, etc. And YOU set here how many different devices will be tried before quitting. Most people set it so an optical drive is the first device tried, then the particular HDD that you know has your OS on it, and no other devices in the list. Among your hard drives, the Master device on your IDE port and the other unit you connect (via adapter) to a SATA port both will be shown, and you can choose to use ONLY the one on the IDE port as a boot device.
  2. Thanks paperdoc, you`ve put me on the right track-have looked into the bios and found what i need to,also(i should o mentioned) is that originally my pc wasnt detecting the 2nd ide hdd with converter into sata slot on mobo , since found out that the 2nd hdd needs to be set to master also (i`d set it to slave),as proper sata doesnt have the old jumpers. so i`m now gonna set the 2 drives as master-into the bios and select my boot device, and hey presto - should work! thx again and i`ll keep u posted(if pc doesnt blow up 1st) ! will be goin sata all the way soon,i just wanna get all my personal stuff (that i`ve got on a few hdd`s) onto this larger secondary one, i`m trying to connect.hope you follow what i`m sayin(cos my head`s almost frazzled!) too,after swapping to this new epox mobo!
  3. Yes, you're on the right track there. A SATA port has no Master or Slave because it can only handle one device. However, if you fit an adapter onto an IDE HDD and then use that to connect to a SATA port, usually the IDE unit must be set to be Master, because it is the only device on the "IDE port" that is "created " by the adapter.
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