Gtx 295 vs 4890 cf vs 5850

lol i know this question is asked a lot but i have a very particular case: i recently orderered parts for a new rig and i was about to order the hd 5850 but it was out of stock. i was dissapointed. but, i went to my local dealer a few hours later and i found some good deals:
gainward single pcb GTX 295 - 300 euros
RAMPAGE 700 4870 x2 - 235 euros
sapphire 4890 cf - 280 euros
powercolor hd 5850 - 240 euros
now i know the last two are not exactly low priced, but the first two are bargains, especially here in europe where computer parts tend to be priced higher. now the problem is that if i get the gtx 295 or 4890 cf, i will have to get a cheap monitor/mouse/keyboard whereas if i get the rampage 700 or a single 4890 i can get a snazzy screen and a nice SILVERSTONE RAVEN [ahhh the case of my dreams]. i wanna stay away from the 5850 cuz it seems like a weakling now that ive researched the benchmarks, and its not that much cheaper than my other choices. thanks for the input!
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  1. get the 5850, gtx295 will be outdated as soon as fermi is released, the 5850 will give you around the same numbers as the 4870x2, but from 1 chip, and you dont wanna waste 2 crf slots cfing the 4890s, altho if they are the 1ghz versions, theyll be the strongest performers there, but no support for dx11, get the 5850 and maybe get another later, and have a ultra monster build
  2. I'd go with the HD5850.

    It's not JUST about a little difference in frame rates:

    1. Future games will utilize DX11
    2. Future drivers will provide a little boost even in some current games
    3. Future software will be DX11 only (DirectCompute and OpenCL)
    4. Future physics support MAY be DX11 only.
    5. Idle power is 26W (HD4890 is 90W) so it's a lot quieter.

    With a good CPU the HD5850 is amazing. Cranking up AA and other features can often lower the framerates significantly but a modern system with the HD5850 1GB is going to play ANY GAME very nicely with some future support.
  3. well if I were you I'd get a 4890 temporarily. Get everything else that you really want, then by this summer all the new dx11 cards should be out and by then you will have saved up some money and can buy a snazzy new dx11 nvidia/ati card (which ever is better at the time) and sell the 4890. Then you'll have your dream computer by the summer time with EVERY thing you want.

    Though you could buy a 5870 (personally it should cost the same as all the above and perform the same, but offers dx11). But then you miss out your other peripherals and imo the 4890 will perform fine till the summer and allows you to enjoy everything in a better experience. Honestly who cares if you're getting 50fps to 100fps, I'd rather the lesser fps temporarily, but a better experience.
  4. hmmmmm you might have something there 'impaledmango'! i mean a monitor is 60hz anyway and one 4890 will mean i can get a good overall system with the SILVERSTONE RAVEN case ahhhhhh and a nice acer 24" monitor and maybe a razer lachetis whereas just about with all the other choices ill have to stick with crappy unknown brand case/peripherals and some cheap, tiny monitor thats vga only....
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