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Hello first time poster long time reader, anyways to the question.
I have a hard drive and it has had a few things done to it by people that weren't really able to explain the whole incident to me suffice to say here is what i know.

The drive:

Its a western digital passport 1tb version. Drive
It is new has usb 3.0 on it.

The problem:

Like all broken hard drives it has pictures on it, and these are no where else in existence.
It was working fine, then it was plugged into 1 or 2 mac books. (from how they said it it was 2 but only 1 did the following)
One of the computers, the last one saw the hard drive and instantly decided it was a back up drive and it should back itself up.
So it proceeds to partition the hard drive 3 ways and write some data before it was stopped.

The damage:

A 3 way part partition on the external drive. (200 mb efi, 931gig healthy , 128 mb unallocated partition)
so / 200mb efi / 931 unknown healthy / 128 mb unallocated
It doesnt show up in my computer, it shows in windows disk management.

Thanks for the help

NOTE: i believe it is a GPT formated drive most likely was ntfs before.
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  1. If it shows up in DM, can you assign drive letters to the partitions?

    If not, there are many good file recovery programs, but why not first attach it back to a Mac (the original offender) and see if you can backup the pictures (which you now know should be backed up to more than just an external drive) to other media?

    If you aren't in to backing up stuff, in the future consider automatic cloud backup like Mozy or Carbonite, it may be worth the money.
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    External Mac drive recovery can be done in few simple clicks with the help of comprehensive third-party Mac Data Recovery Software. It safely restore deleted or formatted data in few simple clicks.

    He doesn't have a Mac, and doesn't need Mac software to recover an NTFS drive. While he probably fixed it weeks ago he can easily fix it on a PC using diskpart commands in the command prompt window.

    Is that Mac software totally free and not just a trial to hook the poor user?
  3. Hai,

    Yes ofcourse the mac software to recover is a hook my friend . I think i have figured out the actual problem. The actual problem's root cause is due to the file system conversion of the WD hdd. The ntfs file system was originally designed for microsoft operating system. whenever an external device with a file system which is not relevant to the operating system ultimately the Pc os will try to impose its dominance over the external drive. in that case there occurs a files system alteration so that the Pc os can access the data in and out from the external hard drive. When the same External hard disk is used in different PC the problem arises. In ur case the MAc OS can read a ntfs file system but writing data into a ntfs file system is tough task. Here when backing up the data it needs more space thats why it took 128 mb. since the backup process is unsuccessful the data is hidden in raw formats inside the drive.

    Solution: Try to reformat the drive with file system common to mac and windows like fat 32 or choose the file system Hfs+ or hfsx that works well with Mac but not windows.

    If u need those lost datas in the HDD drive try a recovery tool that can get back formatted datas. But choose the tool wisely because only the first time of data recovery will be efficient. For doubts please post a reply here.
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