My friend's PC get screwed (BIOS Problem or CPU)

My friend needs help on finding out what's wrong with his computer. The last thing he did was playing NBA2K10 until it gave him a BSOD, and he restarted and got this every time.

I personally think the BIOS is fried. What do you guys think it is? (Free cookie for trying).

Here's the link to a vid of it:
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  1. How old is it? Was it over clocked?
    Since it's not seeing the boot device, try resetting the cmos and then go into the bios and see if it detecting the hard drive.

    It would also help if you listed your full system specs.
    A dull video doesn't do any good.
  2. It's a year old. Not overclocked. I've tried w/ the harddrive plugged in and it does not load up properly (Goes to the screen w/ "Last known configuration" etc....)

    I never cleaned up my computer and it was acumulating alot of dust everywhere inside the case. After this started happening, I then cleaned up the computer from the dust... but yea... Would there be a chance that the dust could have heated up the system causing the motherboard to fry?

    Mobo: xfx nForce 750a
    CPU: amd phenom quad core
    RAM: 4GB corsair dominator (2GB per card)
    Video Card: nvidia 9800 gt
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