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So here is the deal: I got HP pavilion dv4845se with faulty sound device. Question: is part# 48.4F610.021 - an actual sound card? or the sound card is integrated into motherboard?

here is the item:*F%3F&GUID=0775ef4e1270a0e204a6e956fe2b6973&itemid=190325299874&ff4=263602_263622
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    It is integrated on your MOBO. Please elaborate on how you determined a faulty soundcard?
  2. well, it says no sound device installed in tray, and it is not even listed in device manager, i ve tried 2 different OS and none of them sees sound card, when i try to install driver (conexant) it shows error and says smth like "device is not connected" or smth ... i dont remember exact error code. Realtek driver doesn't work either...
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