Best CPU cooler for Phenom 9950 ??

Hi every one !!
Can anyone tell me what's the Best CPU cooler For Phenom 9950 BE for Overclock to 4.0Ghz ... i was thinking of Cooler Master Hyper Z600 , What do u think ? What do u Suggest ?
tnx ...
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  1. First gen phenoms are horrible overclockers. At most I would think is you will hit 3.3Ghz.
  2. Good luck with hitting 4GHz, the old Phenoms don't overclock past 3.2 easily at all.
  3. Yeah...They don't OC well.
    Not every chip hits 4Ghz.
  4. I don't think any Phenom 9950 has ever been reported to hit 4.0Ghz, many Phenom processors were unable to overclock past 3.0Ghz. 3.2Ghz was considered a high overclock for Phenom. lol
  5. Tnx every one for Answers , information and Reply ...
    i forget to tell u that my CPU is Phenom 9950 BE and i can OC to 20 Multiplier and i wanted u to c this :??:
    tnx again :hello:
    and don't forget that i still want your Suggestions ...
  6. sorry , i meant this ...
  7. Quote:
    Until it passes atleast 10-20hrs of prime 95 that thing is not stable in my book.

    Not to mention the voltage just to reach 3.5Ghz is enough to kill the chip.
  8. There's a reason they called it a SUICIDE screen.
  9. ^+1

    Prime95 or it didnt happen
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